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This is How to Attract and Keep Top iGaming Talent

One of the key factors to achieving success in iGaming hinges on a company’s ability to attract and retain talented people. 

The industry’s rapid growth and never-ending tech advancements demand a workforce that’s not only skilled but also adaptable and innovative.

But how do you find these skilled people when everyone else wants their expertise as well? You’re not the only company that needs to have talent on board.  

As a leader, you need to make sure your company is doing the right things to bring in people with the best available skill sets, and then keep them happy and fulfilled.  

Here are some key strategies your company can employ to attract and keep the finest talent to be found within iGaming.

Cultivate Your Company’s Culture

Creating a positive and inclusive company culture is crucial. Talented people want and expect workplaces that foster collaboration, innovation, and a sense of purpose. 

Highlighting your company’s strong values, clearly defined mission and commitment to employee development can make your organization stand out to the workforce, both those seeking work and those being headhunted to come join you. 

But you must make sure that you really do employ your company values and make everyone feel part of the same mission. Don’t fall into the trap of having a fancy-sounding company slogan that doesn’t have a tangible outcome. 

Salaries and Benefits

Let’s face facts. Top talents know they’re in demand and can sometimes even receive multiple offers. So your renumeration package really has to stand out. 

Their salary will be important of course, so you’ll need to carry out market research to ensure the financial rewards and the benefits that you’re offering are in line with what the industry is paying – and especially that of your competitors.  

But think outside the box here. Benefits come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and will mean different things to different people. 

Flexible working, remote work options, and wellness programs are just the sort of things that create a comprehensive package, one that speaks to the premise of work-life balance, and which will appeal to top candidates – more on that later.

Support their Development

Even though people might be at the top of their game, they’ll still want to make sure they stay there. An employer that offers support for continuous learning and growth will be an attractive place for talent, because they know they’ll be able to further their career and knowledge with you.

Demonstrate your commitment to their career advancement by investing in professional development programs, workshops, and training to help your employees stay at the sharp end of industry trends. 

Provide a fund to support their training journey, and offer time off to attend courses or take online coaching. They’ll be even smarter after doing all of this, but your company will benefit from their increased knowledge, too. 

Encourage Innovation

Everyone talks about innovation, but only a few leaders actually create and foster the kind of environment that will allow their people to flourish. 

Do what you can to encourage teamwork, provide the space – both physical and time-based – for brainstorming, and make sure you celebrate innovation within your organization. 

This will not only attract the kind of team that you want to build, who are smart, innovative and hardworking, but also create a stimulating, fulfilling atmosphere that retains them for long enough for them to achieve real success for your company.

Keep That Work-Life Balance

COVID-19 broke a lot of conventions around the world of work, not least by increasing people’s expectations of a healthy work-life balance and their drive to find employers who take that issue seriously. 

That’s why you should offer flexible working hours, remote working options and health perks as a minimum, plus other reasonable requests that your workforce might make. Communicate the expectations you have as an employer while listening to your people’s requests as well. 

You’ll attract top talent by having a healthy work/life balance culture which will keep them happy and also retain them in the long run.

Build a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

Diversity and inclusion aren’t just buzzwords – they’re essential elements of a successful organization. 

As a leader, you must make sure your company’s recruitment policies promote diversity and that your manager and HR team combine to create an inclusive environment, one where employees feel valued and respected. 

This will ultimately benefit your business because having a diverse team brings different perspectives and ideas, which is exactly what you need to foster creativity and innovation.

Attracting and retaining top talent in the iGaming industry is a challenge, one that needs a strategic and holistic approach that you, as the leader of the company, must set out. 

Businesses also need to understand that they are not necessarily fishing in the same pond, because the best talent looks different to each company. So rather than try to find the generic catch-all profile, consider what are the specifics you need in someone, to make them the best talent choice for your company. 

Everyone can find a .NET developer, but someone comfortable working with legacy code might be more interesting than someone who constantly wants to innovate. 

The term “best” is used too loosely. It should be about attracting what TOP talent looks like for your organization and you can only get to that conclusion once you have understood your current people and business.

Once you’ve built your team, the longer you can keep your talented team together, the more your business will flourish and the greater the success you’ll all achieve, together. 


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